Lafayette Square


Lafayette Square USA, Inc. (the "BDC") is a private business development company with the investment objective of generating attractive risk-adjusted returns, including current income and capital appreciation, principally from directly originated investments in middle market companies that are primarily domiciled, headquartered and/or have a significant operating presence across the United States.

The company primarily invests in senior secured or unsecured loans, subordinated loans or mezzanine loans and, to a lesser extent, equity and equity-related securities, including, but not limited to, warrants, preferred stock and similar forms of senior equity, which may or may not be convertible into a portfolio company’s common equity.

The BDC is externally managed by LS BDC Adviser, LLC, a subsidiary of Lafayette Square Holding Company, LLC. The BDC is not available to members of the public and no offering is being made or should be inferred.